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Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer

This Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer explains how information that you provide via our website is collected, used and passed on. Read through all the information with regard to our Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer carefully before using information on the website(s) or giving out your own information via our website(s).

Your consent

By using this site, you declare that you agree with the stipulations of this Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer. Each time you provide information via this site, you consent to the collection, use and release of the information in accordance with this Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer.

Active information gathering

Just like many other websites, this site actively collects information about its visitors by asking certain questions and giving visitors the opportunity to communicate directly with us via email. The information thus provided can include personal data (that is to say, information that can be traced directly to your person such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, payment information etc.). Your personal data are included in our customer database so that we can alert you to interesting offers. If you disagree with this, you can inform us via email at

We store and use only email addresses that are given directly to us or regarding which it is clear when they are released that they are being given to us. We use an email address only for the purpose for which it was given and otherwise for other marketing or service purposes, insofar as you have also given your consent for this. You can always revoke your consent via our site or by informing us of this in some other way.

We never pass on email addresses to third parties on behalf of commercial purposes unless you have given your specific permission for us to do so.

We can release your personal data if we are required to do so to comply with legal stipulations, court order or government ruling.

Access and correction

In order to ensure that your personal data remain accurate, current and complete, you can contact us about incorrect data. We will then revise or correct the personal data that we have in our possession and that you have given to us earlier via our website.

Passive information gathering

When you navigate through a website, certain information can be gathered in a passive manner (that is to say, without you yourself actively releasing the information) by means of various technological tools such as Internet protocol addresses, cookies, Internet labels and navigation data.

This site uses Internet protocol addresses (IP-addresses). An IP-address is a number allocated to your computer by your Internet Service Provider in order to give you access to the Internet. Generally an IP address is not considered to represent personal data, since it is generally dynamic (it changes each time you establish a connection with the Internet) rather than static (belonging to the computer of a certain user). We use your IP address to investigate problems with our server, collect statistical information, ascertain the fastest connection between your computer and our site, and manage and improve the site.

A cookie is a piece of information that a website sends to your web browser to enable the site to remember certain information and preferences from earlier visits in the future.

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are deleted as soon as you close your web browser or switch your computer off. These cookies are used to improve navigation on websites and to collect statistical information.

Persistent cookies are cookies of a more permanent nature that are stored on the hard disk of your computer and remain there until you delete them. Persistent cookies are used for calling up information provided earlier (such as passwords), determining what parts of the website visitors consider most useful and adapting the website to your preferences. On this site, cookies are mainly used to store your standard preferences.

You can set your browser in such a way that you are informed when you receive a cookie and can decide for yourself whether you wish to permit this. You can also set your browser such that all cookies are blocked, but you should be aware that this may limit the use of our website or services. You will find more information about cookies at

Unless specifically stated otherwise, we may use the information that you provide via this site to improve the site content, to adapt the site to your wishes, to provide information at your request, for marketing and research activities and for the purposes specified in this Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer.

Use of this website

The content of this website is only for general information; no rights may be derived from the information. The information is not intended to be a replacement for expert advice. If you use the information offered without verification or further advice, you do this at your own risk and for your own account. observes the greatest of care when composing, supplementing, revising and maintaining this site. However we cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness and currentness of the information provided or the fault-free and/or uninterrupted availability and functioning of this website.

Use of this website that (i) disturbs its use by other visitors, (ii) may endanger the functioning of this website, or (iii) may compromise the information offered or the underlying software, is not permitted.

Links to other websites

This site may contain links or references to other websites. Please be aware that we can exert no control over those websites and that our Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer does not apply to them. We advise you to consult the Privacy Statement/Disclaimer of any relevant website each time you visit it

Intellectual ownership rights or the beneficiary reserves all rights (including copyrights, trade mark rights and patents) with regard to information presented on the website (including text, graphic material, logos and illustrations). Apart from downloading the information that is offered for personal use, it is not permitted to use the contents of the website without the specific written permission of, to reproduce it or in any way distribute it or publicise it. Hyperlinks to our website are not permitted without the prior written permission of Masters4Fleets.

Information about third parties, products and services

On the website, with or without the aid of hyperlinks, there is reference to information, products and services from third parties. Such information is not assessed by Masters4Fleets in terms of reasonableness, correctness, completeness or currentness. Masters4Fleets specifically rejects any liability in this context. If you use the information and services provided by third parties without verification or further advice, you do so at your own risk and for your own account.

Online communication

Messages that you send by email to Masters4Fleets can be intercepted or otherwise manipulated. Masters4Fleets advises you to refrain from sending any confidential or other sensitive information by email to Masters4Fleets. Should you nonetheless opt to send messages by email, you are accepting the risk that these could be intercepted or otherwise manipulated by a third party.


Masters4Fleets takes all reasonable measures to protect the sending of personal data from your computer to our site, as well as to protect this information against loss, improper use, unauthorised access, distribution, revision or deletion. Please be aware, however, that Internet traffic is never 100% safe or error-free, and that this applies particularly to the sending of emails to and from this site. You should therefore consider carefully what information you send us by email. Additionally, it is your own responsibility keep passwords, identification numbers and other access modalities confidential and to protect them.

Exclusion of liability

Masters4Fleets accepts no liability whatsoever with regard to this website. Among other things Masters4Fleets specifically rejects any liability with regard to defects, viruses and other imperfections as a consequence of the use of this website. This might apply to information with which you are provided on or via this website, the interception, manipulation or other unauthorised use of information sent via the website or by email to Masters4Fleets or to you, the loss of data, the downloading or use of software that is provided via this website and the claims of third parties.

The exclusion of liability also extends to the managers and employees of Masters4Fleets.

Applicable law

Current Dutch law applies to this website. By using this website, you agree with the application of the relevant laws and the associated stipulations as well as our Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer.


Masters4Fleets reserves the right to revise the information on this website (including the text of this Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer) at any time without being required to announce this in advance. You also declare that you agree with such revisions and should therefore consult this page regularly in order to keep up to date on the most current stipulations to which you are held.


Should you have other questions about the protection of your privacy during your visits to our website(s) after reading this Privacy Statement/ Disclaimer, feel free to contact Masters4Fleets in writing, by telephone or by email.

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